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Logan Bartholomew
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When the lights go down...

On this page you'll find an updated filmography for the talented Logan Bartholomew.

Nearing Grace (Film)
Character: Tripp
Premiering June 19, 2005 on the Hallmark Channel, DON'T MISS:
Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't (TV)
Character: Brent Perkins
CSI: Miami (TV)
(Ep. 3.16, Nothing to Lose, Feb. 21, 2005)
Character: Dalton Travers
Love's Enduring Promise (Made for TV)
Character: Willie/Nate
American Wedding (Film)
Character: Football Guy

Favorite Movie

I absolutely adored Love's Enduring Promise. I watched it just because it was the sequel to Love Comes Softly, but ended up falling in love with Logan Bartholomew's "troubled" character. He just gave the character of Willie such a beautiful soul, and made the audience just root for him to be with Missy's character. I'm so glad that I found this movie and came across the actor. He truly is gifted and amazing. And I'm so glad that I'm the first to give him an unofficial webpage.