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Logan Bartholomew
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A little background information...

Thanks to a posting on IMDB, I bring you the following:
~As a boy, when Logan Bartholomew envisioned seeing his name in lights, it was adorning a baseball scoreboard. “I was in high school and I was pitching pretty well,” says Bartholomew, 20, a native of Galion, Ohio (pop. 11,341). “They were already talking about whether I would go to Cincinnati and train with the farm league. But my arm snapped on me, so I couldn’t do that anymore. It was sad at first, but I think now it was a blessing in disguise, because acting kind of fell into my life.” He enrolled in acting and modeling classes in Akron, Ohio, at age 16 and quickly fell in love with acting. Five years later, he landed his first starring movie role in Love’s Enduring Promise, which airs on the Hallmark Channel at 9 p.m. ET Nov. 20. The movie is based on the famed Love Comes Softly series by author Janette Oke and is a sequel to the Hallmark movie of the same name. “I had no idea how big these books were,” he says. “Now I know, of course. And I hope the second movie draws a lot of the same crowd in.”
~Was a pitcher in highschool until his arm snapped. (Ouch, but how fortunate for us. There's always a silver lining to every cloud.)
~Attended acting and modeling classes in Akron, Ohio at age 16

At a Glance

Age: 20
Graduation: 2002
Education: Galion, Oh
Family History:
First Professional Role: Love's Enduring Promise
Astrological Sign:
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue (maybe Green)
Stick around, more information to come.